Supplier Stories

Many companies have built their ongoing success on oil and gas contracts.

The skills, technology, and standards developed through involvement in the oil and gas industry have helped New Zealand companies to expand and pursue offshore opportunities.

Port Taranaki


The success and growth of Port Taranaki is inextricably linked to the Oil and Gas industry.

Port Taranaki is geared to deal with the oil and gas activity and has the infrastructure and expertise onsite to service it. Crude oil is the highest volume product item transported through Port Taranaki, followed by methanol and petrol/fuel oil.

Port Taranaki is the hub around which 41% of Taranaki's GDP is produced, and has accounted for the employment of close to 1,500 full time equivalent jobs (FTEs).

Port Taranaki has evolved specialist oil and gas industry services and is the base for servicing and supporting New Zealand’s offshore oil and gas fields. The port provides a range of specific services:

Dedicated petrochemical tanker terminal for the petrochemical industry. The port handles a wide range of petrochemical products and bulk liquids including crude oils, liquefied petroleum gas and methanol.

Connectivity with industry product storage areas. A range of storage facilities such as tanks owned by commercial entities, store oil and condensate for a number of producers, which are connected to Port Taranaki.

Hub for seismic vessels and other specialist craft which require Port facilities as a base for their offshore operational work and the services of a support industry located only in Taranaki.

Offshore supply base. Supply boats and other support vessels regularly servicing offshore fields are provided with wharf side laydown, potable water, bunker and bulk loading facilities. Dedicated craneage is also available up to 100t at 45m.

These facilities are supplemented by specialised onshore companies providing the full range of offshore support services.

Offshore support. A quickly mobilised, rapid intervention station keeping vessels capable of providing remotely operated vehicle, side scan and multi beam services.

Oil spill response capability. Fit for purpose, quickly deployed harbour oil boom and spill recovery equipment.

Wharf side land and covered storage and tanks. 

A range of suppliers


Many local companies support the Oil and Gas industry, providing services at every stage of asset development.

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